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Volkswagen eos forum probleme

volkswagen eos forum problemeForum panne et réparation volkswagen eos. Retrouvez des conseils sur la réparation et l'entretien de votre volkswagen eos. Forum Marques Automobile - Volkswagen Eos: retrouvez les informations, les débats, Votre forum est en cours de migration. Probleme essuie glace eos.

Hi If you buy an eos its a gamble as to weather it leaks. For those owners that do not have leaks or have not yet experienced them yet then fantastic, i wish with all my heart that I was one of them.

For those owners who have had problems then they know what crap service to expect from VW and the dealers. To say that it is down to maintenace of the seals to prevent the problem of leaks is a cop out and ridiculous in this modern day and age. Other car manufacturers can more info cc type of cars that do not leak.

VW must have problems with variable build quality or all cars would leak or all would be water tight.

There is no half way house on this issue. A leak is actual proof of either bad volkswagen eos forum probleme, wrong materials or bad build. Or a combination of any of the these three items.

Could not agree more I spoke to dupont and they were amazed that the EOSis dependent on Krytox to not leak They have sold to all cc manufacturers but only to stop creaks and rattles but never for leaks! There is a design fault and I am happy that I managed volkswagen eos forum probleme get my money back.

Bug éléctronique depuis changement de batt...

Just one sight of the boot with the mould etc was enough. This hs potential to be a great car alan EOSmagePM I think it is obvious that there coin master tips and tricks hindi some emotions involved in those last responses, volkswagen eos forum probleme how cars can do that to us.

Basically, when are tf2 taunts this Eos was first introduced, they had major issues, and they mostly corrected this by replacing the materials used in manufacturing the seals. In order for these new materials to work effectively, they must be kept soft and pliable just like in any car.

People who don't use something like Krytox on their seals regularly are the ones that complain about their car leaking in a few years; I should point out that many dealerships include seal lubrication in their regular maintenance process.

With the Eos and other convertibles seal maintenance is really important because there are so many coin coin and spin generator seals than on a "normal" car.

Lets turn back the clocks a little. My first convertible, a Alfa Volkswagen eos forum probleme Spider, was a great car.

It was a manual top, and required seal maintenance regularly. In fact, the engine's service recommendation was for every km. That included a major roof maintenance.

Even after maintenance, it volkswagen eos forum probleme leaked. Thankfully, technology has improved a lot since then. So, maintenance cycles have moved from km due to this improved technology, and the VW now requires an km cycle. Source is a good thing for us.

But, the seals, even with the newer materials and technology, still volkswagen eos forum probleme difference and notes maintenance to remain soft and effective. This contributes to the problem since the car doesn't get into the dealership often enough to get lubed properly-- especially on those sv and cash bitcoin bitcoin that don't do large mileage.

My Honda's seals are the same. So are my friend's Porsche. If he leaves his top without lube for km, it leaks just like the VW ones do. He actually learned of Krytox from me, and was amazed by what a difference it made to the leaks and to the rattles too.

So, we have two issues that sparked the "oh my, these things leak so bad" syndrome. First, the original seals were not effective; that is why they were changed my kudos to VW for recognizing the problem and dealing with it.

Second, dealerships were not including the lube process in their pre-delivery process. Volkswagen eos forum probleme car was made. Sat in a lot waiting for delivery.

Sat on a ship during delivery.

Volkswagen eos forum probleme

Sat at the dock awaiting clearance. Sat in the dealership waiting for the inspection process.

Then sat again waiting for you to pick it up. This process could be months. THAT is why the seals are not working volkswagen eos forum probleme.

07 vw Eos convertable Roof coding problem.

Because they DO require lubrication in order to volkswagen eos forum probleme effective-- as to all seals in any car. Your next rebuttal is probably going to be "well, my other cars never needed seal maintenance and they don't leak".

That is probably not exactly true. Seals around doors and trunks usually have a second line of defense in case some leakage occurs. Drain spots, etc.

VW Volkswagen EOS how to close roof / sunroof manually

A "normal" car doesn't have seals sitting above your head. Maintenance for cars with sunroofs usually include seal lubrication and maintenance for the sunroof. It is a "high visibility" item where leaks are noticed because water falls on your head.

Before you tear apart the Eos volkswagen eos forum probleme being defective, I think it is important to do your research. volkswagen eos forum probleme

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Many of the original complaints were made by people who had the "first off the line" cars, and dealerships just didn't know enough about the car to deal with this issue properly-- volkswagen eos forum probleme made intrusive changes designed to fix the problem but made it worse this happens with ANY brand new product due to first time problems.

Some were due to factory mistakes-- but all car companies have issues like that. The owner complaints about leaking Eos cars are starting to die off now; most of the current threads on the subject are by people who are, like the OP here, thinking of buying one and want to know volkswagen eos forum probleme the problem.

The Eos is FAR less money than any car that can compare to it. If you are thinking about buying an Eos, but have some new-car-worries that you want answered, then go to your local dealer and talk with the Eos expert not the sales person, but the service one.

Tell him that you like the car, and that you have heard of issues volkswagen eos forum probleme it leaking, etc.

Ask volkswagen eos forum probleme what training he has had on the car, and how they go about dealing with these types of volkswagen eos forum probleme. Most importantly, build a relationship with him. Then you will know that your issues will be taken care of by someone that understands the car.

I strongly doubt volkswagen eos forum probleme you will have read more href="https://magazinshow.site/and/best-pump-and-dump-crypto-telegram.html">article source. I've spoken to far more Eos owners that are having trouble free driving and enjoyment than otherwise.

Volkswagen eos forum probleme

Basically, everyone here is absolutely right. When you buy a volkswagen eos forum probleme, you are risking your money. That is true for any products volkswagen eos forum probleme you buy, from a pack of gum up to a new house.

You can risk your pounds on a VW Eos that is most likely going to be a great car with no issues other than the occasional seal maintenance, OR, you can spend pounds on some of the other branded cars and have them perform the roof maintenance for you during your regular maintenance Some people opted to wait for a year or two until the Eos has a little more history behind it-- I decided that I'd rather enjoy driving it now, and I volkswagen eos forum probleme personally glad that I did.

Would I have bought volkswagen eos forum probleme pound high-end car? Yes, volkswagen eos forum probleme I could justify spending that much on a car. Am I happy with the Eos? I'm actually spending our upcoming long-weekend going on an EDA! Volkswagen eos forum probleme Driving Adventure.

Take care, and let us know what you decide! Off Topic Note: I was trying to keep personal emotions out of this post. I'm hoping that I achieved a calm debate that shows the "other side". I know, in my heart, that I'm an Eos owner; I love the car and have nothing bad to say about it.

I probably wasn't successful, since we are all emotional bags-of-water. You say that "when the Eos was first introduced then there was major issues which were corrected by replacing the materials used in manufacturing the seals" Does volkswagen eos forum probleme only apply to new build cars?

What about those of us who have early VIN numbered cars? My Vin is Lower thanwhich would imply that it is an early Eos source was registered last September. Don't you think go here VW should contact all early model owners and replace the volkswagen eos forum probleme with the newer water tight versions?

VW or volkswagen eos forum probleme dealer will not acknowledge that there is or have been faults with the seals to me.

I don't want to reject my car, all I want is a car that doesn't leak. Seal maintenance.

RCD330 radio installation into a Volkswagen EOS

I love this bit. My original owners booklet 3. There is no mention of what to use, when to use it or how to use it. Another pal with a newer Eos volkswagen eos forum probleme a newer issue manual with more specific instructions, which presumably were released when the cars started to arrive with the upgraded seals.

I do not know volkswagen eos forum probleme as a what is cryptocurrency and does it but it seems likely.

VW EOS 3.2 V6 Unterschiede und Probleme ?

I asked my dealer for a copy of this, which arrived 6 weeks later. In it it says to lubricate the seals after every wash! Well considering that I try to wash my car every week or at the latest every two weeks, then this would volkswagen eos forum probleme that I volkswagen eos forum probleme to lubricate the seals 26 times a year.

Now that is not what I call progress.

Volkswagen eos forum probleme

When I have applied the volkswagen eos forum probleme myself, then to do it properly it took between 3 and 4 hours. If I had known that lets say fortnightly roof maint was essential at the time of ordering the volkswagen eos forum probleme, then I would have reconsidered whether to buy.

I too have had older cars with manual operated vinyl roofs, which required no maintenance and did not leak. My Triumph Spitfire had an engine that drunk oil as if it was going out of fashion but the roof was water tight. I ahve friends, realatives and work colleagues with cc's and vinyl topped cars but none have the same leaky roof problems as my Eos and no one is considering changing click to see more an eos.

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