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Steam badges list

steam badges listBadge That Matters 3D. Level 3, XP. Badge That Matters Forever. Level 4, XP.

Steam badges list

Get rewards for crafting badges Game badges All badges have XP which contributes to Steam Level, a summary of user badge collection.

A user's Steam Https://magazinshow.site/account/best-way-to-buy-a-fortnite-account.html may be viewed by hovering over their avatar or by visiting their profile page.

Leveling up earns users non-tradable items like steam badges list showcases and extra friends list slots.

Steam badges list

After crafting a badge, users receive random rewards from steam badges list set of click items: profile backgrounds, emoticons, and coupons for another steam badges list or for a DLC.

These are tradable and may steam badges list be used while the user steam badges list them.

Steam badges list

A user may choose which badge they wish to feature on their profile. Featured badges are displayed steam badges list the top-right of profile pages, directly under steam badges list Steam Level.

Steam badges list

steam badges list Featured badges are also displayed on the tooltip that is shown when hovering over the user's avatar on other Community pages. Users can steam badges list their profile with showcases.

Each 10 Steam Levels will grant a user 1 showcase slot.

Steam badges list

Team Fortress 2 Here Team Fortress 2 steam badges list 5 different badges, available via crafting a set of 9 game cards: Sawmill Strongmann.

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