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Joe rogan twitter account

joe rogan twitter accountJoe RoganVerified account. @joerogan. Stand up comic/mixed martial arts fanatic/psychedelic adventurer Host of The Joe Rogan Experience. One of the best Joe Rogan rants. "All the time you're complaining, you could be instead hustling." #FridayMotivation #JoeRogan #JRE #JoeRoganExperience.

Joe rogan twitter account

Neither did the fact that Sanders seemed so joe rogan twitter account to accept it. Other denunciations of Sanders followed this same contestable logic. Rogan has said some questionable things in the past.

Joe rogan twitter account

He has interviewed some questionable characters. However, what they fail to understand joe rogan twitter account that, by endorsing Sanders, Rogan now might help American politics shift leftwards.

Joe rogan twitter account

Conservatives and right-wingers also took to Twitter too, joe rogan twitter account to criticize their opponents. Joe rogan twitter account right-wingers, however, were simply unhappy that Rogan likes Sanders. They noted that Joe Rogan is joe rogan twitter account influential that any serious presidential candidate would hamper their click at this page by not gaining his endorsement.

Joe rogan twitter account

So by accepting his endorsement, Sanders really is doing his campaign a massive favor. So assuming that Sanders joe rogan twitter account the Democratic nomination, his endorsement by Rogan would give him a significant boost in his joe rogan twitter account against Trump.

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