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Buy smurf account lol reddit

buy smurf account lol redditI posted a thread a little while back about ranking up new accounts in light of the This includes linking sites to buy accounts or promoting account buying. any and all questions you may have, not just about top lane but League in general! You think professional players actually level up all the smurfs they use? It takes barely any time at all if you have 2 premades and the money to buy boosts.

Xing Li The League of Legends subreddit is at it again.

Buy smurf account lol reddit

Go here time, the target is a familiar topic: Smurfing.

Buy smurf account lol reddit top post on the main page, with over 5, upvotes at the time of writing, was a thread calling for Riot to fix smurfing buy smurf account lol reddit allowing players buy smurf account lol reddit buy level 30 accounts.

Buy smurf account lol reddit

This topic has been brought up again and again, and yet it still receives coverage and sparks outrage. Selling level 30 accounts https://magazinshow.site/account/g2g-steam-accounts.html buy smurf account lol reddit an easy fix that Riot likely has very good reasons not to implement it.

Buy smurf account lol reddit

Screengrab via Reddit. Leveling to 30 is a grind.

Buy smurf account lol reddit

But wait. Buy smurf account lol reddit from games vs. Check your Steam library—you probably have a lot of games with more than that amount of time played. Those are fun, fast-paced alternatives to leveling accounts.

How an annoying video game strategy became a viral internet meme

Riot wants people to play the buy smurf account lol reddit The point is, for its long-term survival, Riot needs people to play the game—and the leveling system forces players to do that. More experienced players on smurfs criticize https://magazinshow.site/account/best-place-to-buy-lol-accounts.html for truly not knowing what to do.

Unranked Level 1 to 30 is lame. Buy bot accounts.

But you know what? Even just making sure new players know about the mute function could make the actual game better. And Riot should also give experienced players options to skip all of that for new accounts. Buy smurf account lol reddit takes a smurf to know a smurf And about those experienced players—a lot of people complain about their games being ruined by high-MMR players on smurfs who dominate.

Sell Runescape Account Reddit

But we have a feeling that a lot of the people complaining are other players leveling their smurfs. One area where this gets tricky is if an experienced player is duoing with a newer friend.

Buy smurf account lol reddit

Do players really want bad matchmaking in ranked? The final danger to allow players to buy level 30 accounts that can jump immediately into ranked play is that the issues with leveling, the smurfs, the flame, the bad matchmaking—all of it would just go onto the ranked ladder.

Buy smurf account lol reddit

Is it worth screwing up the bottom of the ranked ladder to improve the leveling process? Every part of League other than ranked is available to players before level Players should enjoy that process and have fun rather than fixate go here getting to level 30 so they can place in Iron 4.

The irony There are good solutions posed in the Reddit thread.


One of the best is to allow level 30 players with a certain honor level to purchase other level 30 accounts linked to the same profile.

That would allow them buy smurf account lol reddit try different champions or roles without affecting their main MMR. Wait a second, that sounds awfully familiar.

Why Riot won’t—and shouldn’t—fix smurfing in League of Legends

A system where players could have different MMRs for different roles? Where buy smurf account lol reddit we seen this before? Oh yeah, positional ranks.

Buy smurf account lol reddit

Before you get out the pitchforks, we fully recognize that the positional ranking system here in season nine was poorly implemented.

There were a lot of issues, especially with experience splashing, and the fact that it made the ranked grind feel like even more of a grind.

Buy smurf account lol reddit

Riot absolutely could have tweaked the system to make it work better. But the https://magazinshow.site/account/create-gmail-account-in-phone.html sentiment was so bad that it decided just buy smurf account lol reddit nix the initiative altogether—at least for the foreseeable buy smurf account lol reddit.

The point is, next time Riot rolls out something like this, two things need to happen: It needs to release a better product and https://magazinshow.site/account/buy-sweatcoin-account.html community needs to give it a chance before killing it off just months later.

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