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Sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password

Threatening emails alleging that the recipient has been observed conducting As proof of their hack, they will send you your password. Then they will demand that you send them several thousand dollars via a Bitcoin account. WWDC What To Expect From Today's Epic Apple Updates For iPhone. One consumer in Memphis, TN reported receiving five emails in one week demanding $2, in bitcoin. “They used one of my passwords in the.

Scam emails demand Bitcoin, threaten blackmail

The campaign is not altogether new, since it repurposes old scams. However frightening this may skycoin 2020 at first glance, these sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password social engineering and scare tactics, employed by cybercriminals to generate panic in sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password recipients of these emails.

To put it simply, it is highly unlikely that your computer has either been accessed or compromised, at least not by the method suggested in the email, so there is no need to panic.

The new extortion campaign borrows, or rather builds upon, the previous versions. Once the cybercriminals have scared their potential victims enough, they demand a sum to be paid within 24 click to see more or the embarrassing video will be released.

Protect yourself against email sextortion scams

They sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password want the payment to be made in bitcoin. After analyzing some of the cases stemming from this new sextortion scam campaign, ESET sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password found sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password it probably started sometime around the 8th or 9th of April.

By contrast, during the campaign the scammers were able to trick victims out of almost half a million dollars. What can I do?


Before you fly into a frenzy, you should take a step back and think about the whole scam.

Have you ever visited a porn sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password If the answer is no, well, you know the email is sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password and you have nothing to worry about.

Sextortion email scams are back

Another thing you can do is use Google or sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password search engine you prefer and enter the word scam, in quotes, along with an interesting phrase from the scam email.

You can then scroll through the results, of which there may be a few thousand, and see if anything seems vaguely familiar. Quite often you will find examples of similar scams that have been floating about and have already been scrutinized by sextortion email bitcoin 2020 password number of researchers and experts in the field.

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