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Mythos capital bra ep

mythos capital bra epDie „Fickt euch alle EP“ lag der limitierten Deluxe-Box des Albums Mythos von Bushido bei. read more». About “Fickt euch alle EP”. German rapper Capital Bra has released seven studio albums, four extended plays (EPs) and and first project under ersguterjunge were made available in September , as part of the boxset of Bushido's thirteenth studio album Mythos.

Of Mythos capital bra ep and German decent, Anis left school early, becoming involved with crime and mythos capital bra ep. A court-ordered painting apprenticeship alongside future labelmate Fler turned the corner for the young artist.

Mythos capital bra ep

He released a mixtape in that never saw major distribution, but paved the way for a relationship with the Aggro Berlin

In he jumped labels to Universal, a move that started a long-running beef between Bushido and Sido that would last for seven years.

Mythos capital bra ep

With them he released Electro Ghetto mythos capital bra ep that year, which reached number six on German charts. Bushido used the pseudonym Sonny Black to release other works, including 's Carlo Cokxxx Mythos capital bra ep, which he then re-released during his mythos capital bra ep with Universal.

Mythos capital bra ep

Bushido 's hard-edged, racist, misogynistic, and nationalistic lyrics caught the attention of neo-Nazi audiences and government officials alike.

His material brought questions about content control to the forefront of Germany's attention.

Mythos capital bra ep

The German public has never had any cause to doubt Bushido 's authenticity, with a string of indictments for violent offenses running the length of his career. Mythos capital bra ep also finally resolved his feud with Sido and they mythos capital bra ep a collaborative mythos capital bra ep, It was by far the biggest success to that date for either artist, reaching number three on the German albums chart.

Sonny Black was released inonce again peaking at number one in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Mythos capital bra ep

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