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Electrum lightning github

electrum lightning githubElectrum Bitcoin Wallet. Contribute to spesmilo/electrum development by creating an account on GitHub. Integration/functional test of Lightning support in Electrum using docker-compose - ysangkok/electrum-lightning-test.

Performance Test Results Time to return address balance here total number of transactions affecting the address balance Our first set electrum lightning github results is pretty straightforward: how long does it take to get the balance of a given bitcoin address?

How to import a Lightning Wallet into a Bitcoin Wallet like Electrum

It becomes immediately obvious that Electrs is orders of magnitude slower than Esplora and Electrum lightning github, which are barely legible on this chart. We can also see that Electrs is scaling within a fairly well-defined best and worst case range.

Electrum lightning github

Even though we only tested for addresses that had up to transactions worth of history electrum lightning github them, it's quite clear what performance to expect from addresses with or transactions. Time to return address balance versus source number of electrum lightning github affecting the address balance Let's dig deeper into comparing Esplora with ElectrumX.

Electrum lightning github

By throwing out electrum lightning github Electrs results we can zoom in on this much closer race. Electrum lightning github can also see that ElectrumX is scaling linearly within a very predictable best and worst case range.

electrum lightning github

Setting up a full Bitcoin Lightning node and wallet

But what's going on with Esplora? The answer lies in the schema. This means it just queries bitcoind on the fly to get electrum lightning github for addresses with low activity.

Thus we end up with an interesting trade-off in performance characteristics! And while ElectrumX's worst-case performance appears to slow down at a linear rate, Esplora appears to electrum lightning github a more performant constant-time caching system.

Lightning Network #1 - LND Setup (Linux)

These are certainly considerations worth taking into account based upon the common characteristics of addresses in your system. Analysis of the performance of balance lookups against total transaction history showed explainable trend characteristics.

But what about comparing balance lookups against total current UTXOs? If you're familiar with how bitcoin transaction data is structured then you're aware that there is no "address balance" data electrum lightning github rather, And nick szabo education can address balance is article source by summing up electrum lightning github values of all the UTXOs that are encumbered by the locking script that is represented by that address.

Account Options

In terms of query performance we should expect to see a well-defined relationship between current number of UTXOs and time electrum lightning github calculate electrum lightning github balance, while the total number of transactions affecting an address should be more weakly correlated to balance query performance.

Time to return address balance versus current number electrum lightning github UTXOs affecting the address balance That electrum lightning github said, the Https://magazinshow.site/2020/mobicoin-ctc.html results don't match our expectations.

While we can see a clear lower bound on the best case query performance, the results are generally all over the place.

Electrum lightning github

I presume that this is because Electrs does not index Electrum lightning github by address, thus it is forced to query bitcoind for an 2020 gpu setup mining entire transaction history and electrum lightning github find the UTXOs.

Once source, Electrs is so much slower than the other implementations that we need to remove this data electrum lightning github focus on the real competition.

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Time to return transaction history of address versus total number of transactions affecting https://magazinshow.site/2020/coinmarketcap-band.html Now we move on to simpler electrum lightning github - how long does it take us to retrieve the entire transaction history for a given address?

Naturally this will result in more data being returned electrum lightning github we expect to see a linear relationship between the amount of data and amount of time to return it. The most interesting point to note here is that ElectrumX appears to scale better than Esplora when it comes to returning transaction history.

ElectrumX never takes more than 20 milliseconds to return the transaction history, while Esplora can take several electrum lightning github milliseconds.

Electrum lightning github Esplora is not using the same constant-time caching scheme for transaction history that it's using for UTXOs and balances?

Electrum lightning github

Electrs is still the clear loser yet again, though it's more performant electrum lightning github it was for balance lookups. Once again, we need to zoom in on the more interesting results between Esplora and ElectrumX. Constant time scaling of UTXO lookups make it blazing fast, electrum lightning github some cases returning the entire result set in under a millisecond!

Lightning Implementation in Electrum

Conclusions Electrum lightning github is a great low-resource, easy-to-install option for personal use - especially on resource-constrained hardware.

But it's certainly not an option for operating within enterprise infrastructure or as a publicly listed Electrum server.

Electrum lightning github

In general, it appears that ElectrumX provides the best "bang for your bitcoin" with regard to performance vs.

But if you are willing to devote 10 times as much disk space in order to achieve electrum lightning github performance, Esplora is the way to go.

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