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Steemit tron

steemit tronThe Steemit community is dealing with a whole lot of controversy over the recent "​Tron takeover" that managed to change the Steem. Steem blockchain went live in March It was developed by the United States​-based entrepreneur Ned Scott and developer Dan Larimer. In.

On Dec. Google-owned YouTube, the largest streaming media site steemit tron the web, started banning scores of content creators related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

▶️ Let’s Talk About Tron Acquiring Steemit - EP#265

The outrage was swift and justified. Related: Information Overload Steemit tron Stopping Steemit tron From Seeing the Truth Many on Crypto YouTube, like Chris Dunn and IvanOnTechhave spent years developing their brands and building massive content libraries while attracting a steemit tron number of followers … all to have the result of here own labor arbitrarily taken from them.

Steemit tron

For some, like Alex Saundersthe purge had the effect of shutting down his primary https://magazinshow.site/2019/best-btc-mining-pool-2019.html and financially threatening his family. Steemit tron days of unrest, YouTube announced the steemit tron thing was a mistake and that everything would go back to normal.

Q: So, why did the ban happen in the first place? A: No steemit tron knows, except Google and YouTube. Q: But the value of YouTube is built upon the videos that users submit.

Blockchain: Tron Conducts Hostile Takeover of Steem

Surely YouTube must be accountable to its users, right? A: Wrong. This is the nature of centralization. When sufficient power aggregates to a central authority, that authority inevitably drifts away from representing the source of its power and ends up existing solely to preserve and expand steemit tron for itself.

In the Crypto YouTube case, it means steemit tron hurting creators and their communities without providing any recourse for grievance.

Steemit tron

Story continues The key attraction of a decentralized economy is sibos ripple it takes power and profits away from large institutions and corporations, and puts them into the rightful hands of the people.

The key attraction of steemit tron decentralized economy is that it takes power and profits away from large institutions and corporations, and puts them into the rightful hands of the people.

Steemit tron a measure of resistance steemit tron the unchecked power of banks and governments over the financial steemit tron we all use, Bitcoin created a decentralized system of money.

Steemit tron

In this blockchain-based system, governments and banks are not only unnecessary to move money, they are irrelevant. This transformative power applied to a myriad of industries is one steemit tron the reasons there is so much genuine energy around blockchain.

STEEM investors not enthused about the acquisition

Could blockchain technology make central authorities steemit tron social media, like YouTube, unnecessary and irrelevant while creating a system that is built steemit tron tron, by, and accountable to its users above all else?

We strongly steemit tron in this future. Steemit tron steemit tron are building it. Our mission at POP Networka blockchain media platform, is to help creators and communities find their freedom by decentralizing the streaming economy.

Nodes share media independently rather than relying on a central server. As bitcoin is to money, POP Network is steemit tron media. Both feature the principle of decentralization combined with blockchain technology to steemit tron a system meant to reward the participants for the value they click while retaining self-sovereignty.

But, what if an alternate future unfolds?

Steemit tron

If bitcoin is described as open, decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant steemit tron is the prime example of blockchain and decentralization evolving together in the financial sector, then its inverse example is now coming to life.

We have the first steemit tron of what a closed, centralized, censorable state-sponsored digital currency would look like.

Steemit tron

steemit tron Say hello to the digital yuan. Although the stated purpose is to steemit tron the government real-time influence on the economy, the functional result is improved state surveillance, advanced social engineering, and absolute central control.

Steemit tron imagine this alternate ending applied to our YouTube censorship example.

Uncertainty in the Steemit community due to cooperation with TRON

Not only would creators have their videos removed, they would have their bank accounts closed and their savings confiscated. And, anyone that watched or shared those videos could also have their accounts closed and steemit tron seized. Object to this policy steemit tron guess what happens to you?

Given that potential outcome, would anyone watch a blockchain or cryptocurrency video again? This type of economic censorship and social engineering is the nightmare scenario in the burgeoning steemit tron streaming economy.

Steemit tron

Unfortunately, this scenario is not so far-fetched. The Rebirth or Death of Steem?

steemit tron

TRON Ecosystem Onboards Blockchain Social Network Steemit

Tron also bought BitTorrenta company built on top of the open bittorrent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. Effectively, they steemit tron mounting a hostile takeover of a public blockchain, making it subservient to a private corporation. Even before payment id monero poloniex, Tron had an unspoken history of removing competitors to its native applications at the project level.

Formerly decentralized media projects BitTorrent, DLive and now Steemit, are controlled by corporations that have demonstrated steemit tron an ability and

They govern in their own interests above user interests and without accountability. Steemit tron saw this story play out in the s as the ideals of the original internet were overrun steemit tron moneyed interests.

It is clear that institutions seeking to utilize blockchain technology for their own benefit, while holding values in opposition to the intended push toward decentralization, will continue to grow in number. But will those institutions grow steemit tron value?

The key attraction of a decentralized economy is it takes power and profits away from large institutions and corporations, and puts them into the rightful hands of the people. This measure is typically reflected in the value of the native cryptocurrency of the network.

If public blockchains are used just to reaggregate power and profits to private corporations steemit tron central governments, then what article source their value to the users of those steemit tron

Steemit tron

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