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Cryptopay installation

cryptopay installationCryptoPay System Overview - Laundry. CryptoPay Car Wash: CryptoPay Installations. Self-Serve Bay - Part 1 Lesson 3 - ACW Display Installation. Lesson 4. CryptoPay Pre-Installation Check List: Please confirm the following before installing your CryptoPay Credit Card System: □ Do you have a working wired.


Views: Transcription 1 Coordinator installation - install the cryptopay installation at the car wash, cryptopay installation in the pump room, near an electrical outlet and the internet connection. Power Cord plug in the supplied power cord to coordinator and into cryptopay installation outlet.

Internet Cable plug in the supplied internet cable to the coordinator and into your router box. Antenna Run Cryptopay installation Antenna attach the supplied antenna to the coordinator.

Run Light run light flashes indicating you have an internet connection to the coordinator. Internet Power Input Configure Coordinator coordinator will need configured. Note: Write down the CPY number labeled on the coordinator and retain number.

You will need this click to see more the coordinator configuration discussed later in Step 3 Online Configuration. Note 1: The radio signals between the coordinator go here the swipers can easily travel through non-metal walls, cryptopay installation cannot travel through metal plates or large metal objects cryptopay installation metal walls and roofs, pumps, control boxes, or water tanks.

Note 2: If you are using a Cryptopay installation network on your site, be sure to separate the wireless router's antenna from the CryptoPay coordinator's antenna by at least 6 feet.

This will prevent radio interference. Swiper installation mount swiper at Coin Box or Vacuum.


Three holes are required two for mounting screws and one for the power cryptopay installation signal wires to pass through. Swiper must be mounted in a vertical position with button at the bottom of the swiper See Figure 1: Coin Box.

Swiper mounting template is on page number 6. Cryptopay installation wiring detail is provided on page number 4 of this quick start guide. Swiper Signal Wires determine which signal wire to use and hook to your timer.

Cryptopay installation

If the swiper's LED bar is blinking yellow, then the swiper is in Out of service mode. In this mode, the swiper must be cryptopay installation before use.

Cryptopay installation

Note: Write down and retain the 16 digit Swiper ID labeled cryptopay installation the cryptopay installation of the swiper with mounting location 58dedf7-Bay 1.

You will need this information for the swiper configuration discussed later in Step 3 Online Configuration. Note 1: Be sure that the cryptopay installation is mounted with sufficient space above and cryptopay installation the swiper so that a credit card more info enter cryptopay installation exit the swiper without hitting any obstacle, such as a wall or box edge that protrudes from the front of a coin box.

Note 2: Only one signal wire will be connected red or blue.

CryptoPay Credit Card System

Follow the instructions below to program cryptopay installation equipment. Note: to configure cryptopay installation equipment your coordinator must be connected to the internet and your swiper s installed at the wash site. Fill out the form by entering a user name, read more, and password then click the Create Account button when finished see Figure 2.

cryptopay installation

CryptoPay Credit Card Acceptance

Log In Now that cryptopay installation account has been created, go ahead and click Log In. Enter your user name and password and click login button. You will see cryptopay installation message saying you haven t added or been delegated to manage any sites yet. Click the here link to add your first site.

The CPY number can be found labeled on your Coordinator unit.

Cryptopay installation

Note: The CPY number must be entered exactly cryptopay installation printed on the label. Now Click the Add Site button. Setup Once the site has been added you will be returned to the My Sites page. Your cryptopay installation site will display a message that it is not yet set up.

Remittance (crypto/fiat):

Click the Setup button cryptopay installation proceed to the Manage Site cryptopay installation.

Note: if you don t see the Setup button then your coordinator is not connected to the internet. In the Manage Site page you will see an alert message that your merchant account is not set. In order cryptopay installation set up your account information you will cryptopay installation to contact Genesys for your MPM number and password.

Once you have this information click the Set merchant account information link and fill out the form including choosing your processor.

Now click the Setup button. Note: The MPM number and password must be entered correctly observe case and note special symbols and characters failure cryptopay installation enter this information cryptopay installation will prevent cryptopay installation system from operating correctly.

Cryptopay installation configuring your CryptoPay system and entering this information we recommend you read more and paste this information into the online configuration fields. This will ensure the information is entered correctly.

The section labeled Site Setup Progress displays your configuration progress.

Cryptopay installation

Your swipers are shipped in an out of service mode and must now be cryptopay installation. Click the Configure link in the CryptoPay Devices section.

CryptoPay Installation — Self Serve Bay, Part 2

Name your swiper Bay 1, Vacuum 1, Pet Wash, etc. Change cryptopay installation Profile from Out of service to cryptopay installation profile option that matches your timer profile see figure 3.

In-store crypto payment:

You will now have additional fields to fill in. Click the box next to Confirm Cryptopay installation and cryptopay installation click the Apply Changes button.

Note: Configure all your swipers. Final Testing Your coordinator and swipers are now configured.

Cryptopay installation

Swipe a credit card at the swiper and verify that the timer started and cryptopay installation purchase went through. Cryptopay installation LED light bar will go blue for a validate swipe or red for cryptopay installation invalidate swipe.

Note: Ensure that the timer configuration matches the swiper configuration. Requires an external transformer. Note: Only one cryptopay installation wire will be connected to your timer red or blue.

Cryptopay installation

Note: due to different printer properities this template may not print to scale 6.

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